Class Outline


Civics: Class Requirements and Expectations

Grade 8 Paynesville Area Middle School


Ms. Knoll



Course Description:


            Civics is the study of the rights and responsibility of citizens of the U.S.  The emphasis of this class will be on the development of the U.S. Constitution and the national government the Constitution develops.  The three branches of the federal government will be the primary focus of the class. An additional focus of the course will be on the rights of individuals as citizens of the U.S.

            There will be two major projects each student will be responsible for completing – one per semester.  It is essential for students to have the opportunity to show their learning in many different formats.  These projects will provide the opportunity to demonstrate learning that is not solely test based.   

It is also expected that the students complete weekly Current Event Reports. The requirements for these reports will be explained in detail to all students during the first week of school.  These reports are due the last day of classes every week that school is in session.

            All assignments, tests, quizzes, etc. will be given a point value.  The total points will be placed into the grading scale and then assigned a grade for the class.  The grading scale is listed later on this paper. 

            Students are expected to complete all course work on time as assigned.  NO LATE PAPERS!  If a student is absent the day work is due, it is their responsibility to get the assignment turned in ASAP upon return to school.  All make-up work due to absences is the responsibility of the student.


Areas of Graded Work:


1)      Daily work:  A variety of assignments will be part of the expected daily work category.  These include but are not limited to Notebook Assignments (NBA’s), studyguides, worksheets, etc. The point value for these will vary.

2)      Drop Quizzes: These are unannounced quizzes given periodically to check the students understanding on materials that have been assigned or covered previously.  These quizzes will be worth 10 points each.  The lowest quiz grade for the quarter will not be calculated into your quarter grade.  Since the lowest grade is dropped for the quarter, there will not be an opportunity to make up a missed drop quiz.

3)      Announced Quizzes: These are mini-tests that will be announced.  A variety of point values will be assigned to Announced Quizzes.

4)      Test: These are given at the end of a chapter or related sections of chapters or units.  The point value given to these tests will vary from 50 to 75 points.  There will be a wide range of types of questions on the tests such as true or false, matching, completion, short answer, listing, etc.

5)      Projects and Major Papers: These are usually related to the topics we are covering in class.  There will be a variety of options and point values based on the projects or major papers.

6)      Current Events Report: These are a standing assignment worth 15 points per week. They are due the last day of class every week of school.  The lowest Current Event Report for the quarter will be dropped.


Grading Scale: This course is based on total accumulated points. Every graded assignment will be assigned a point value and then based on the following scale.  Student grades will be updated at least once a week and posted on our on-line grading program so that parents as well as students will be able to keep track of student progress (both scores and completion of assignments).


        A         100% - 93%

A-           92% - 90%

B+       89% - 87%

B         86% - 83%

B-           82% - 80%

C+       79% - 77%

C         76% - 73%

C-        72% - 70%

D+       69% - 67%

D         66% - 63%

D-        62% - 60

F          59% - 0 %


Students will receive the grade they earn in this class. It is your responsibility to get the work completed and turn in on time.  If you don’t understand the requirements, it is your responsibility to inquire.


Civics Webpage:  Students will be given information about my Civics Web page.  This will be an important resource for students and parents because it will be another means of providing organized communication for my students and their families. 


Class Expectations:  The Student Handbook lists the school policies as they apply to the students of Paynesville Area Schools.  Each teacher will have their own expectations for the student in their classroom.  These are mine!


1)      Students are expected to come to class prepared to learn.  This means you have all your materials, completed assignments, and any other resources needed to successfully participate in class.

2)      Respectful behavior is expected of all students. Respect other students, teachers, opinions, and property.

3)      Cheating is unacceptable in any way, shape or form.  Parents will be notified if their student has been caught cheating.  Consequences will follow school policy.





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