Current Event Report Form


NAME: _______________  HOUR:_______________      DATE: ________________


                NAME OF ARTICLE: ___________________________________________

                DATE OF PUBLICATION: _______________________________________

                NAME OF PUBLICATION:_______________________________________







QUESTION 1: _________________________________________________________


ANSWER 1: __________________________________________________________


QUESTION 2: ________________________________________________________


ANSWER 2: __________________________________________________________


QUESTION 3: ________________________________________________________


ANSWER 3: __________________________________________________________

QUESTION 4: ________________________________________________________


ANSWER 4: __________________________________________________________




Current Event Reports

The Process

Current Events reports are a standing assignment that is due the last class day of every week that we have school throughout the year. Each Current Event Report is worth 15 points with the lowest grade for the quarter being dropped.

Steps to be followed:

1) Find a written article about a subject that interests you. The article must be a minimum of 4 paragraphs. The articles must be found in a reputable news source. The news source can be a paper copy or a digital copy. Read the article for understanding.

2) Source information for the article must be recorded on the Current Event Report.

a. Name of the Article: this is the title of the article as it is written in the source.

b. Date of the publication: the date that the article was published

c. Name of the Publication: this is where you found the article

3) Summary Information: The student is expected to write a 4 sentence overview of what the article was talking about. This overview needs to be in your own words. A sentence must have a subject, predicate, capitalization, and punctuation. After I read your summary, I should know what the article is about without having to read the article.

4) Questions and Answers: In this section of the Current Event Report the student is expected to write 4 questions about the article that can be answered if someone has read the article. The student must also provide the correct answer to the question that they have written.

a. The questions cannot be Yes/No questions or True/False questions. Questions are a type of sentence and must follow the same guidelines as sentences.

i. Who

ii. What

iii. When

iv. Where

v. How

vi. Why

b. The answers do not need to be written in complete sentences.

Things to Remember:

1) Students can only do 1 sports or entertainment article per quarter.

2) Current Event forms are available in Ms. Knoll’s room, the MS Media Center, the MS Computer Lab, several EST rooms, and on Google Docs. If you don’t have a form, you can do it on notebook paper following the same format.

3) Current Event Reports can be turned in early. If a student wants, they could do an entire quarter’s worth of Current Event Reports in the first week of the quarter. The Current Event basket is in the front of the room.


5) Reading for understanding is an essential skill for all students.

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